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Your coach

• Professeur Diplômé d'Etat des Métiers de la Forme.
• Formation Dance Matha Graham, Carolyne Calson, Groupe des huits.
• Diplômé de Gymnastique d'Expression  CREPS d'Aix-en-Provence.
• Diplôme formation Matwork Pilates, école Evelyne Frugier.
• Group and private sessions in France, Switzerland and at the Saudi Royal Court.

Private coaching

At your home and by appointment.
Sessions last 75 minutes.

Group coaching

Group sessions are currently available in the following locations:
• CERESTE: on Tuesdays at 20h00 and on Thursdays at 11h00
• LACOSTE: on Wednesdays at 18h00
• JOUCAS: on Tuesdays at 12h00
• ROUSSILLON: on Thursdays at 19h00
Sessions last 60 minutes

Your sessions are based on:

• Strengthening muscles to increase toning and to refine your body shape. You will be working with light weights, elastics, Swiss balls and rings.
• Pilates to work on your core muscles to improve body posture.
• Stretching to increase the general flexibility of your body and to increase the movement in your joints.

All my skills and energy are at your disposal to help you meet your personal goals and increase your physical and psychological well-being.

A regime of regular exercise allows you to:

• Burn fat and sugar
• Reduce loss of muscle linked to weight loss
• Increase muscle volume and tone
• Increase your energy levels

The more muscular you get, the more energy you burn. If you want to loose weight, take a close look at you diet.

Getting into shape is the best way to start a long and successful relationship with your body.


Catherine SUET

Professeur diplomé d'état

06 62 55 61 39

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